We’d just like to start our latest update with a huge thank you to all of you who came to our official launch on the 13th. It was really lovely to see so many members of the community back on the pier and supporting a local endeavour. Thank you as well to all of those who have supported the committee over what has been quite the interesting six or seven months trying to pull together funding, websites, insurance, paperwork, protocols, safety equipment…the list goes on!

But now to the exciting part; getting our members and potential members out on the water! Starting this week, we are going to be running open club sessions on a Thursday evening and a Sunday afternoon-ish! These session times are very much tide dependent and whether or not they run will be very weather dependent so our plan for now is to update our Facebook group prior to the sessions with the times and a green light for the weather. Some of you may have seen the committee launching, recovering, launching, recovering, launching, getting wet, recovering etc on Sunday afternoon just gone and this was us putting together some final safety protocols on when it is safe to launch and recover from the pier and when it isn’t so we can keep you all safe at these club sessions. They will obviously be free for paid up members of the club and for those who are wondering about joining us you can come along to two sessions free of charge to help you make up your mind.

Speaking of Facebook, as you may be aware we currently have two groups on the go, one private, one public. Now that we are open to membership and getting members out on the water, we are going to remove everyone from the private group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1169785447220439 and then when you’ve paid your membership, you will be sent a link by the lovely Alicia to rejoin it. This page will be used for arranging use of the boat out with the club sessions, spreading any official information within members, changes to protocols etc and obviously all the social aspects that come with being a member of a community club. The public page – https://www.facebook.com/NorthKessockRC will stay as just that, public, so anyone thinking about joining or wanting to support us in any other ways will be able see what’s happening and what we’re up along with the website for committee meeting minutes etc.

Anyway, hopefully that all makes sense (if not, please feel free to get in touch with any of the committee members, contact details will be going on the website) and most importantly, we hope to see you all over the next few Thursdays and Sundays, wellies in tow, ready to row!