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Hello and welcome to the North Kessock Rowing Club Website. We are a community coastal rowing club with a 22ft St Ayles skiff, which we operate from the North Kessock Community Jetty under the auspices of the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association (SCRA).The club was founded in October 2022, when a group of villagers got together to investigate the possibility of starting a rowing club in North Kessock.

North Kessock is a small village on the south side of the Black Isle, and up until 1982 when the Kessock Bridge was opened, it was the northerly terminal for the Kessock Ferry which ran between North Kessock and South Kessock in Inverness. Indeed, our skiff is called ‘Eilean Dubh’ (Black Isle in Gaelic), which was one of the last two car ferries. Our playground is the Beauly Firth, which is a relatively safe bit of water.

The St Ayles Skiff is propelled by four rowers with a coxwain in the stern directing proceedings. The cox not only steers the boat, but is responsible for crew safety and the safety of other craft in the vicinity.

The club members range in age from 14 to late 70’s, and is made up from a wide cross section of the community. Whilst we are a very new club, we would like to welcome anybody who wants to try coastal rowing. If you want to get fit and also enjoy yourself while doing so, this is for you. We offer two free rows to potential members to see if you are interested, so please get in touch.

Please have a look round our website which offers all the information you need, and also shows our skiff in action.


Charity Number – SCIO 52215

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